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CHIBI COLORED (1 Character) - $10.00 

(1 Character)- $15.00 

(1 Character)- $20.00

 The Huntress by immortalblood0219Korra Genderbend by immortalblood0219

MONOCHROME SKETCH (1 Character)- $10.00 

Nico di Angelo by immortalblood0219The Huntress and the Queen by immortalblood0219Warm Up Sketch Thalia Grace by immortalblood0219

REFERENCE SHEET Colored (1 Character)- $60.00 

Consist of ¾ view (front and back)

3 different poses

3 emotions
Colored Sketch by immortalblood0219
Arctic Fox [Auction - OPEN] by immortalblood0219


POSTER (Maximum 5 Characters) - $40.00 

Art Remake by immortalblood0219

Request Procedure:

Send  me a note with COMMISSION as subject. Detailing the basic idea of what you want. Include references if you have them, details, colors, etc.

-I will send you a confirmation note with my Paypal and you may send the payment there. (
I take payment in advance, meaning I start work after having received the payment in full.)

-I will first show you the initial sketch/lineart for your approval before working on the rest of it.

You'll receive a hi-res pic through e-mail without watermark.


First come first serve

I have the right to refuse, if I feel that I cannot draw your character well.

I won't be doing any Anthros or animals. But Gijinkas and kemonomimis are okay.

I accept Paypal only

I won't be doing any complicated backgrounds.

After you have approved the work. I will only do a minimum of 5 minor changes. No major changes.  I will be the one to the decide if what you ask me to change is minimum or not.

I reserve the right to post your commission in my gallery or use it for self-advertising. Unless you state so otherwise. 

No refunds

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Nova: Synthesis Creaturum Fanart Contest! by immortalblood0219
Nova: Synthesis Creaturum Fanart Contest!
So I joined the 'Nova: Synthesis Creaturum Fanart Contest!'
here's a link.
Go join if you haven't yet. :headbang:

The character designs are so cool! I always enjoy the fantasy-like characters.  Maybe that's why I drew them all. But I think my favorite would probably be Kreita. XD Anyways. I was going for those anime mash up-like posters. 

The Uncanny X-Women by immortalblood0219
The Uncanny X-Women
So thank you again :iconvertigor: for commissioning me. :)

I present to you people... X-WOMEN!!! :headbang:

Emma frost: Check out the new top I got guys. Do you think it's a little too.... REVEALING? (in a very very VERY seductive tone)
Phoenix: Shit...  concentrate concentrate concentrate.....
Cyclopes: *pissed off muffled noises*
Nightcrawler: you seem to be in a ... tight spot there friend. ;)
Shadowcat: hehehe Hey Wagner. I could use a little saving right about now. 
More Genderbender! by immortalblood0219
More Genderbender!
A request by :iconvertigor:

So this is Mako and Korra in my genderbent interpretation. Although I already did a korra version before, just added some braids. ^_^
Ah! My Gods by immortalblood0219
Ah! My Gods
Another commission for :iconvertigor: ^_^

this time it's the characters from Ah My Goddess, genderbent! ;)

Belldandy: *chuckles* I'll always be by your side Keiichi.
Hild: Do you like what you see? 
Keiichi: I.. ah.. um.. uh... *blush because of Urd and Hild*
Urd: *smirk* Looking good Keiichi. 
Skuld: Hey! Get off my brother! And you, Urd!... GET OFF MEEEE!!!!!
Peorth: Fools.. you messed up my plan!!! Just you wait. I'll have my revenge!!!!
Lind: ........
crabs: <3
The Last Genderbender by immortalblood0219
The Last Genderbender
Another fun commission for :iconvertigor:
So here are the genderbent versions for ATLA team. 
The gang taking a time-out from their busy lives having a relaxing time at the beach. 

Aang: Katara Katara!!! Check this out!!! (being completely ignored)
Katara: You'll regret that...... Zuko. *starts bending water octopus*
Zuko: Job well done! If I do say so my self! *smug face*
Sokka: Hey babe! Check out these guns!!!
Suki: Spirits.... How did I end up dating a five year old....... *mental facecpalm*
Momo and Appa: ......


immortalblood0219 has started a donation pool!
235 / 7,200
Donation? =D I really want to save up for something. Thank You. ^_^

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Jin Ong
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